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Midlands in Manufacturing Surge

Written by Ed Nurse on . Posted in Contracts, News, Supply Chain

Insider Magazine reported this week that a study commissioned by EEF (the Manufacturing Trade Association) and accountants BDO has shown a surge in confidence across the Midlands in manufacturing output.

Click here for the article on the East Midlands and click here for the West Midlands.

Insider doesn’t go on to explore the underlying reasons for the upturn but the strong performance of the aerospace sector is expected by many to go some way to underpinning the upturn.

The reports have also come at a time when Rolls Royce has been posting multi-billion pound numbers for new engine orders following its strong display in Paris and hot on the heels of the government announcing the availability of increased grants for research and development in the sector.

According to the EEF/BDO report, export sales are also at a 2 year high. This is marvellous news for the economy as the strength of the buying British message starts to stretch beyond our shores but newcomers to export can be caught out contractually especially when participating in supply chains involving Asia-Pacific and North America.

Exporting well as a business often depends on the strength of the contracts and your terms and conditions of business. Without paying proper attention to these you might be sued in a foreign court under foreign laws at no little expense. By using sale terms and conditions however you can control the relationship you have with your customers and make sure that you are in as strong a contractual position as possible.

For more information about terms and conditions of sale please click here.

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Who Owns the Skies?

Written by Ed Nurse on . Posted in News, Supply Chain

The annual Paris Air Show is often viewed as the market barometer of the aerospace industry and this week’s show is no different.

Manufacturers of civil and military aircraft are out in force exhibiting new aircraft and new technologies. There is however one A-lister which is conspicuous by its absence and which has stayed at home, 700km south of Paris in Toulouse.

Airbus’ new twin aisle long haul aircraft the A350 took to the skies over Toulouse for its first test flight on 14th June. A350’s touching down following the 4-hour flight was greeted by furious flag waving in Toulouse as the European manufacturer celebrated the realisation of €11bn of investment costs.  

The Contracts Fall Guy – Aerospace Supply Chain Issues

Written by Ed Nurse on . Posted in Contracts, Supply Chain

Caught in the Middle of the Aerospace Supply Chain

The new families of commercial aircraft have led to unprecedented pressures on the aerospace manufacturing supply chain.

The Dreamliner is now fully operational once again following its now infamous battery issues and Airbus’ new fleet of A380, A350 and A320 NEO have seen a surge of orders from operators. British Airways is just the latest operator to commit to a fleet overhaul by placing fixed and firm orders for 18 A350s – Airbus’ new long haul jet – with an option for a further 18 aircraft.

Many aerospace component manufacturers across the UK will be celebrating big contract wins and their place on the much coveted new generation programmes but becoming a valuable cog in the supply chain machine can bring about its own business pressures.

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