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Contract Negotiation, Audit & Maintenance

Our Aerospace Legal team can work with you to agree any contracts you need to put in place.

We approach contract negotiation from an industry perspective and have the experience and knowhow needed to put workable solutions in place. In particular we can help you negotiate workable provisions for:

  • BOM exclusivity;
  • non recurring cost provisions to balance programme risk;
  • raw material pricing flow-through;
  • appropriate liability caps;
  • specific build to print design protection; and
  • fair termination provisions.

We can help you develop your own up to date contract documents suite dealing with all your supplier and customer relationships. Having a state of the art contracts policy not only gives you a significant commercial advantage but also provides a vital element of any efficient risk avoidance strategy and projects an image of professionalism and efficiency to your customers.

Many of our clients have found our CAMS service (Contracts Audit And Maintenance) invaluable. We will carry out an audit of your in-programme and legacy contracts, summarising all the material terms, obligations, limitation thresholds, key dates and risks.

We provide a strategy report with action points and guidance notes. All the information and advice you need to manage your contracts is uploaded on an organic contracts matrix for your team to use which is maintained continuously.

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