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Training and Support

Contracts and contract policies are only effective if they are properly implemented and administered by your team on a day to day basis.

The contract negotiation and implementation training we have provided for our clients has proved to be among the most cost effective business measures they have taken.

We can give your contracts and procurement teams the tools, training and the confidence they need to do the best deals, avoid the pitfalls and reduce risk in-programme.

We pride ourselves on the training and support we give to our clients, helping them to manage their legal affairs to their maximum potential but recognising when our direct involvement is needed.

We understand the pressures of through programme development and the rate change, weight loss and cost down pressures these bring. We can prepare you for review meetings and can operate as discreet “in house” advisors or take an active role in negotiations if required. We never lose sight of the overriding objectives – to achieve a commercial solution. 

Our turnaround times are second to none. If something’s got to be done, we get it done.


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